Top 7 Personal Finance Blogs To Read In 2020

The financial blogs that you will be able to read about cover most, if not all areas that are related to personal finance. On them, you will be able to find various articles on investing, banking, estate planning, retirement, mortgages, insurance, saving, budgeting, and many more topics. These blogs will provide detailed reviews and analysis of the topics they cover. Hence, let’s take a look at the best personal finance blogs that you can learn a lot from:

1. The Simple Dollar

The goal of this website is to provide useful and well-researched articles that will empower the reader to make smarter financial decisions. It is basically a virtual market where you can find various information about personal financing, and you will also be able to read reviews on loans, insurance, investing, credit cards, and banking.

2. Physician on Fire

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One of the best things about this blog and the person behind it is the approach he has towards giving advice. The writer has a strong opinion on how they should be compensated and he offers a long list of advisors that meet that criteria. His articles are well researched, and they will provide you with insights into the financial world.

3. Good Financial Cents

Jeff Rose is the founder and author of this blog and he is a war veteran who wrote a book titled “Soldiers of Finance”. His goal is to help people take charge of the budget and money and make “cents” of their financial future. Readers will be able to find articles on various topics and all of them are open, transparent, and quite honest.

4. The Financial Task Force

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The Financial Task Force is one of the best personal finance blogs that you can find out there. The articles that you will be able to read include well-researched topics such as reviews on money-saving applications, bank reviews, loans, credit cards, and other related topics.

5. Money Ning

In July 2007, David Ning founded this financial blog and it is one of those websites that is easy to navigate and use. You can click on one title and you will be able to see various subtopics related to the article. It is all about helping people overcome debt, showing you how to build wealth over a longer period of time, and it will also show you how some financial choices can impact your life and future.

6. ESI Money

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ESI stands for Earn, Save, and Invest. The blog focuses on these three basic things, and there are various interview series that will help you understand financing better.

7. The Money Mix

This site is relatively new and it has also changed the way it posts content. The team at Monkey Mix selects the best four article from the Internet every day and then they publish it on The Daily Mix category. Also, readers can vote on their favorite topics and articles.


If you read the articles from all or some of these financial blogs, you will be able to save money, make smart financial decisions, as well as learn how to invest your money. Hence, do not waste any more time and start catching up on some of the articles.

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