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Top Reasons Why you Should Open a Revolut Vault Today

Opening a Revolut Vault is the quick and easy way to start saving today, for your financial goals of the future. Whether you dream of the day, you can sit on a beach sipping on a martini with a cool breeze running through your hair, or cruising along the highway in the latest Ferrari model. Opening a Revolut account can help you achieve it, whatever your financial goal may be.

Vaults Explained

Vaults are a great way to save money. There are a variety of accounts available for customers to choose from, allowing customers to tailor their accounts to their saving preferences. Accounts can be set up quickly and there are options including contributions with every transaction, a recurring payment, or one-off donations.


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The Revolut card works by rounding up every payment you make to the nearest whole number and then adding the difference to your savings account. It is a simple and easy way to quickly add to your savings. The Revolut metal card provides a first-class service that includes 1% cashback, a contactless feature and a dedicated concierge. For more information, click here.

Recurring Payments

Many people get paid at the end of the month and find it difficult to save money before the next their next payment. Vaults can help you by setting up a recurring payment with exactly when and how much you would like to save. That amount will be put directly into your saving vault before you have the chance to spend every penny.

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One-off Payments

If you decide the first two options are not for you, you can simply make one-off payments, whenever you feel you are able to add funds to your account. This option gives you flexibility and is useful if you think your financial situation is less predictable.

Cryptocurrency Options

When setting up your account you can choose the cryptocurrency option. Imagine buying a coffee for £1.50, the cost will be rounded up to £2, and the remaining amount will purchase £0.50 worth of Bitcoin to be stored in your Vault.

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International ability

Accounts offer flexibility for travelers, allowing you to send money abroad with over 150 countries, and 29 of those countries have no exchange rate fees. Transactions are fast and secure, with the Revolut exchange rate based on foreign-exchange market rates, so you are sure to get a good deal.

Business Accounts

A Revolut business account makes it easier to pay you international payments, allowing you to hold, receive and exchange 29 fiat currencies free of charge.

Saving money for the future can be stressful and demoralizing for some people. Vaults are an efficient and carefree way of saving money without stress. There are options available to suit everybody, with accounts that are tailored to your needs and situation.

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