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Top Ways to Get A Side Hustle Going

Living from paycheque to paycheque is becoming increasingly difficult these days. It seems that everywhere you look, the cost of living is going up, but the minimum wage is staying the same. For many of us, an extra chunk of change at the end of each month could be a game-changer. With a global pandemic in full swing, now is probably not the time to be looking for a new job.

But how do you generate extra income when you already work in a 9 to 5 job? The answer could be staring you in the face. If you are looking at a computer or mobile device, then that’s what is staring at you. There are quite a few ways that you could use the technology at your fingertips to get a little side hustle on the go.

In this article, we are going to give you a few tips to get you started. But once you put your mind to it, you will find that there a myriad of potential money-making opportunities that you can take advantage of, all of which can be done from the comfort of your own home. If you want to invest your idle time doing nothing at your home, then it is a must to try some of the following things.

Become a Poker Pro

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Let us start with a fun and entertaining way to earn some extra cash potentially. Playing games online is not a sure-fire way to increase your income, but if you are lucky enough to win a jackpot, it could be lifechanging. The best game to play is poker. Most casino games are luck-based games, which makes them a lot of riskier to play. Therefore, many people do not invest their time and money on such activities.

Poker, on the other hand, is a skill-based game. If you know how to play card games, then you must try out this method. Luck plays a part in the hand that you are dealt, but winning or losing comes down to how you play that hand, and how well you can read your opponents. If you are already a dab hand at poker, you can take your skills to the online casino tables and play a few rounds in your spare time.

Create an Online Course

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Online courses are massive right now and are high in demand. People worldwide are investing in themselves by learning new skills thanks to the convenience of an online course. They want to learn something different and be unique within their family or friends.

If you think that you have any particular skillset that you are willing to share, then you should think about creating an online course. There are various excellent platforms where you can sell your course without spending any penny. If your program works, then you can enroll many students and provide them online sessions.

You can choose to run a live online course, or you can create video content that learners can access in their free time. The best thing about a pre-recorded video course is that it creates an opportunity for you to earn a passive income. You will need to put in a lot of work to get it done, but once the work is done, the course could earn you an income for many years to come.

Do Odd Jobs

The demand for virtual assistants is relatively high these days, especially with so many people working from a home office. If you are looking to make money doing odd jobs, this could be an excellent way to go. Make sure that you choose the ones in which you can give your time, efforts, and interest. Every work needs to be done whenever you feel entirely determined and focused.

There is also the option of taking paid online surveys or testing websites and apps. There is no need to have any qualifications to do jobs like these. You can dip in and out whenever you need to make a quick buck. Another option is data entry, or proofreading, both of which can be done from home in your spare time. There are a lot of work opportunities, but you need to find the relevant one for yourself.

Dive into Retail

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Buying and selling online is a great way to earn some decent money, especially if you are a savvy marketer. You could easily set up your online shop and sell the brand that you love using the drop shipping method. Or you could set up a blog where you recommend your favorite things and earn a commission through affiliate links.

This feature is available on the Amazon platform, where you can sell any products through your website. In this way, you are promoting a different brand and earning a handsome commission in return. Many people across the globe prefer such work while sitting at their homes. If you do well, then there are higher chances of earning more money.

You need to check various things on which you can write and post on your blogs. Another option is to sell your stuff – either something that you design and create, or your pre-loved clothes, or clothes that you buy second-hand and then sell in your online shop. In this way, you are promoting your brand and selling them online.

You will earn money and not the commissions. You can also collaborate with other platforms to sell your products on their website. In this way, your product will be sold, and someone will get commissions from you.


Many opportunities are there to explore, through which you can earn money while sitting at your place. But it is essential to find the one in which you can work with dedication and give your precious time and effort.

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