Top Wellness Entrepreneur’s Million Dollar Rolodex

Founder and CEO of Pure Green Franchise, Ross Franklin, reveals his multi-million-dollar Rolodex for creating success

According to one of the top five wellness entrepreneurs of 2019, Ross Franklin, Founder and CEO of Pure Green Franchise, success is created not by one individual but by a talented and laser-focused team.

“Success is a team sport.”

Ross Franklin, Founder, and CEO of Pure Green Franchise

In the world of small to mid-sized companies, many engage third party businesses for marketing, social media, PR, SEO, legal and finance. We’ve interviewed Ross Franklin to uncover which specific companies he uses outside of his corporate team that has helped him and his company achieve success.

Here is Franklin’s multi-million dollar Rolodex of the best of the best:

Best Branding Agency

Franklin states “For any company, aggressive marketing on all channels is imperative for rapid growth.” Franklin engages New York City-based boutique branding agency NJS Branding for website design, social media, PR and marketing. According to Franklin, NJS Branding is a “one-stop-shop” for all branding and marketing needs.

Pure Green Franchise Instagram Account


NJS Branding creates content for Pure Green’s Instagram account, and engages health and wellness influencers like @alyssabrieloff to promote Pure Green on influencer stories to attract wellness followers and built a social presence.

Pure Green Franchise Website


NJS Branding has also built the website for Pure Green Franchise creating a stunning user interface and user experience to drive potential franchisees to Pure Green’s “Own a Pure Green” page (picture below):

Best Law Firm

According to Franklin, “Having a strong business attorney who specializes in corporate law is mission-critical.” Franklin strongly recommends his legal firm Levin Epstein P.C.

Levin-Epstein P.C. specializes in corporate law and litigation which Franklin states is imperative for any business generating over 3 million in revenue or a new business starting out to ensure the corporate documents are set-up the right way. Franklin works directly with Joshua D. Levin-Epstein, Founder and Managing partner of Levin-Epstein & Associates P.C. and Jason Mizrahi, an Associate Attorney of the firm.

Best Financial Firm

According to Franklin, “Having clean books in Quick Books with granular detail and the ability to generate live P&L reports is a necessity.” Franklin uses a boutique financial advisory group, Podem Capital. They manage Franklin’s day-to-day finances and reporting for Pure Green Franchise.

Best SEO Firm

Franklin engages New Standard Digital for all SEO related services and strategy for content marketing. Franklin states, “Understanding what keywords to target are a detailed science and more complicated than most people think” and credits New Standard Digital for reshaping how he looks at SEO and online marketing.

Franklin sums up his success by stating “Success is a team sport and you are only as good as your team.” Many start-ups and small businesses have what Franklin refers to as “hero syndrome” where he explains “a hero is a CEO or Founder who tries to do everything themselves and when your business has unexpected twists and turns the hero ends up dropping the ball.” Franklin concludes his point with the clever advice:  “Build a strong team and don’t be a hero, pass the ball to your teammate.”

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