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Travel to Romania in Style – 3 Things You Have To Carry

Are you a seasoned traveler who likes to explore? There are 101 reasons why you should make Romania your next destination. The country is historic with natural views, plenty of medieval cities, breathtaking architecture, and more. Check out TourInRomania for an endless list of travel destinations in Romania. Speaking of nature, the country takes the lead above other countries in the European Union when it comes to biogeographical diversity.

There are plenty of snow-capped mountains, green hills with forests and vineyards, and the largest preserved delta in Europe, and more. In Romania, you can also enjoy wildlife and bird watching. The country is also known to have plenty of brown bears!

As you plan for your trip, why not carry quality essentials that will make your trip much more fulfilling and comfortable? Below are three things you cannot afford not to have.

1. An easy-to-carry backpack with multiple compartments and security features

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A backpack should be compact, comfortable, and low-key so that it doesn’t shout ‘backpack’ when you are carrying it along. It should also be comfortable to wear, with a padded hip belt, shoulder straps, and comfort-molding so that its weight is evenly distributed when you carry it.

A quality backpack will have several compartments where you can conveniently fix all the stuff you need. Think a place for your laptop, books and other flat objects, enough space to accommodate your clothes, and some extra ones for your small things like passports and pens. Its outside should have a zipper where you can put anything that you need quick access to. Go for one with a water bottle holder for quick access to your drinking water.

When choosing a backpack, consider security features as well, as it is always prudent to stay safe. Look out for features such as interlocking zippers, a slash-proof wire mesh, and REID blockers.

2. A soft, light, and waterproof roller suitcase that can squish

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A lighter bag will do you justice when your staff is getting weighed at the airline. Another important feature is expandability and the ability to squish. The Osprey Sojourn, for example, is a convenient choice of a suitcase as it can squeeze up into the back of a bus and it can also hold a lot of things if you are to do a lot of shopping. Also, look out for waterproof abilities to ensure your valuables stay dry.

3. A rain jacket with near-NASA technology

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You have to prepare for any kind of weather, and having a rain jacket can be a lifesaver. Forget the traditional plastic bag jackets that could only do so much. A stylish and modern jacket will come with near NASA level technology to keep you dry and comfy in any condition. Get a jacket such as the Gore-Tex with which allows you to make adjustments to its fabric for better breathability. A few qualities to look for in a top rain jacket include lightweight, taped seams to prevent leaks, four-way stretch, waterproof internal pockets, and helmet-ready hoods.

Another bonus item to remember is, of course, a sturdy and comfortable pair of shoes. The country is full of hilly vistas and places that need climbing, so you need to be prepared for the next surprise hike!

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