What Type of Game is Cookie Run: Kingdom?

We all love to play games, but apparently, some are so addictive that they keep us glued to the screen. RPGs are an especially popular category – because you will play the role of a character. One such game is certainly Cookie Run: Kingdom. In the following text, read what this is all about and what type of game Cookie Run: Kingdom is.

RPG Games are One Step From True Magic

For most players, RPGs rule. The reason for this is the fact you play a particular character in the game trying to pass the levels in the game. In most RPGs, you will find various characters. Some of them you can choose yourself – and some will be assigned to you. Of course, there is also the selection of props, such as weapons or superpowers. In any case, this genre brings unprecedented fun, but at the same time, it improves your skills – and in some games, it strengthens the team spirit. While playing them, you almost have the feeling that you are truly “inside the game” – and RPG, in some sense, brings real magic to your screen. Therefore, it is not surprising that players from all over the world and of almost all age groups went crazy for this type of game. And how does Cookie Run: Kingdom fit into this whole story?

Cookie Run Gaming Series

There are almost no players who have not heard of the famous Cookie Run game series. Nevertheless, this series brought more sequels, improving the existing ones and introducing new characters. We can spot this in one of the sequels called Cookie Run: Kingdom. It is an RPG brought to you by DevSisters. This one brings us a new series of characters that will help us explore a wide world but also face some evil creatures.

What Kind of Game is Cookie Run Kingdom

We can say that this is the biggest game in the Cookie Run series. This RPG has a wide world, lots of play modes, events, special missions, and much more. That’s why you will have a lot of fun every time you play. The story in this game starts with a gingerbread man. That is a brave cookie that is pre-destined to free the world from the darkness that rules it. However, it won’t do it alone, as we will recruit or obtain many other cookies, to complete missions or levels that will need to pass as we progress. Even though it sounds easy, since we are talking about a cookie – don’t be fooled. It is quite a challenging game where players need to master all aspects of the gameplay. For example, you can improve cookies, produce resources, build more buildings or houses, explore the world, and many other things.


How to Get Cookies in the Cookie Run: Kingdom

In Cookie Run: Kingdom, we have a large selection of cookies we can get by accessing the GACHA option – that we will see at the bottom of the screen in the area on the right. The process of getting cookies consists of paying 300 crystals to get one – or 3000 crystals to get ten cookies. Let’s say you want a Licorice Cookie. You can get it with the help of Cookie Gacha. Buying these isn’t the only way to get them because there are also cookie cutters that will give us a free run in the gacha to have cookies in exchange. In this way, we will be able to save crystals that could be very useful in our progress in the game.

Cookie Cutters in the Cookie Run Kingdom

You need to know that there are two types of cookie cutters in this game. The standard cutter will give you regular cookies – and the magic cutter will give you the best cookies in the game, such as some legendary rarity cookies. Cookie cutters can be collected while playing through missions. However, not all levels or missions give this magic cutter – because they are quite rare and unusual. Still, you can find them while enjoying the game. Events are also good places to get magic cutters – you just have to keep an eye out for them and complete them as best you can.


Cookie Design and Updating

The design of the cookies is quite creative, different, and fun. You will want to collect them all, although it is also true that at some point in the game, you will be able to get costumes for your cookies and improve or modify your appearance. It is a rich game because we will get good rewards for everything we do. Cookie Run Kingdom is constantly updated, and thanks to this, we will always be able to enjoy new things, such as new cookies, events, prizes, resources, and much, much more. So, it’s a game worth logging in to every day to play for a while and you will achieve good benefits. The developers of this game are always very attentive to user feedback to try to make it the best it can be.

How to Play Cookie Run Kingdom With Friends?

Playing with friends in Cookie Run Kingdom is very easy. As you may know, there are many game modes, but not all of them support playing with friends. However, there are many options where you can do this – so all you need to do is find a game mode that supports inviting friends, press play and then select the friend you want to invite to play with you. Playing with friends will undoubtedly make your game experience more fun. After all, playing with friends will always be better or more fun than playing by yourself.

The Bottom Line

Cookie Run Kingdom is constantly updated. Thanks to that, we will always be able to enjoy new things such as new cookies, events, prizes, resources, and much more. It is a game worth signing up for every day to play for a while and get some good perks.

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