3 Top Types of Garage Doors Worth Considering

One of the easiest ways to instantly improve your home’s curbside appeal is to invest in a new garage door—especially if the door you have is damaged or outdated. That said, remember that there’s a wider variety available now than when the current door was installed. Which one to choose now?

When picking out garage doors Melbourne locals have freedom of choice in how they want to meet their property needs. Modern doors include safety features, and aesthetic characteristics and can even be energy efficient.

3 Best Garage Door Options to Consider

Contrary to popular belief, one garage door isn’t the same as another. While they may have a similar shape and design, garage doors can have various customizable features, designed for your space’s needs. Not sure which type will best suit your garage? Our experts have compiled a list of the top door options to consider.

1. Sectional Doors


Commonly referred to as panel doors, sectional doors are created from hinged horizontal panels. Typically these doors slide up over tracks laid down the sides of the walls.

When the door panels are raised, in the open position, the panel will lay against the roof. As one of the stronger garage doors currently on the market, this type is a popular choice for small and large properties alike.

Benefits of Sectional Doors

There are several benefits of sectional doors. The most significant are listed below.

  • Enhanced insulation ─ Large panels of a sectional door create adequate space for extra insulation. By adding additional insulation, you also improve the overall energy efficiency, reduce noise levels, and provide extra protection against weather conditions.
  • Optimized space ─ The working elements of a sectional panel door make it an excellent space saver. This is largely due to the garage panels resting on the top of your garage, rather than requiring a space to swing out in. Sectional doors are therefore the ideal option for small spaces, or narrow driveways where there isn’t space available to swing a door open into the driveway.
  • Durability ─ Since sectional doors are constructed using sturdy materials, they can easily survive the tough Australian weather conditions. There’s also very little maintenance required with these doors.

2. Roller Doors

Unlike a sectional door that’s composed of different sections, roller doors are designed using a whole curtain of steel. This steel curtain rolls up around a central drum. These doors can also be operated manually or motorized using direct drive units.

Benefits of Roller Doors

Some of the benefits of opting for a roller door are:

  • Secure ─ Roller doors are generally made of steel or aluminum, making them both strong and durable. These materials are also able to handle severe weather conditions.
  • Fire protection ─ Homeowners in areas that are prone to bushfires often opt for roller shutters because they’re an excellent deterrent to the effects of bushfires. These door types have an added advantage over their timber counterparts that will add to the problems on the property should there be a fire.
  • Rust and scratch protection ─ Many roller shutter brands often add special coatings that offer rust and scratch protection. This will reduce the need to replace your doors every few years. Simple maintenance will keep the door looking newly installed for several years.

3. Timber-Look Doors


Many people still prefer the look of a more traditional timber door. However, with the negatives associated with maintaining timber, many suppliers offer a timber-look door. This means the door is made of steel or aluminum and then coated and customized to resemble a more conventional timber door.

Benefits of Timber-Look Doors

A few of the common benefits of opting for a timber-look door are:

  • Low maintenance ─ Since the door isn’t made of real timber, there’s no need to maintain it as you would hardwood variations. If the door fades over time, it can quickly be spruced up with a fresh coat of paint.
  • Affordable ─ Opting for timber-look doors is considerably more affordable than actual hardwood that needs to be treated before installation. The timber-look is also much lighter and therefore easier to open and close.
  • Pest resistant ─ Real timber variations are subject to wood-borne pests such as termites. However, it will be impossible for termites to eat through a steel door. This means the homeowner can enjoy the look of a timber door without the hassles of keeping it pest-free.

Final Thoughts

It’s always a good idea to opt for a garage door that offers more benefits than you had with your existing door. Positives such as energy efficiency, increased insulation, and customizable features mean you can get a lot of value out of the new installation.

With the variety of customizable options on offer, you can get any one of these options to effortlessly blend in with your current outdoor aesthetic. Another plus point is that you’ll instantly improve the curb appeal and resale value of your home!

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