Should I Upgrade JD Edwards EnterpriseOne ─ 5 Reasons to Do This

Many successful businesses have been taking advantage of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne software since its initial debut. With each passing year, the software continues to grow into highly useful, must-have software for serious business owners. To get the full capabilities of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, however, you need to upgrade it when possible.

Why Should I Upgrade my Software?

Have you ever put off a significant upgrade because you were concerned about how it might affect your company or because you were unsure of the full scope of your modified footprint? While this feeling is understandable, updating your JDE software is key if you want to get the most out of the software.

Clients upgrade their JD Edwards EnterpriseOne for a variety of reasons, including to increase productivity, streamline company operations, benefit from new capabilities, increase workforce mobility, and remove the risk associated with depending on an unsupported software release. The more time you spend ensuring you’re on the most current version of your JDE software, the more efficiently and effectively you’ll be able to run your business in 2023.

5 Special Reasons to Upgrade


Upgrading your software now and then is essential to staying competitive. Companies like GSI, Inc. can help you upgrade in an easy, painless manner as well. However, there are five special reasons to upgrade your JDE software to stay competitive in today’s unique economic landscape:

1. Increased Flexibility

Businesses that have been delaying an update to JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.2 don’t have to worry about the expense, wait time, and customization challenges that many businesses fear when they hire a quality company to help them make the transition. These support systems assist businesses in moving their current apps to a safe cloud environment. Without sacrificing functionality, this migration enables you to keep all previous modifications and configurations. Flexibility has always been an incredibly important aspect of being a successful business, and the newest JDE software allows you to do just that.

2. Increased Scalability

Companies must act fast to adapt to the emergence of new markets, goods, and services. You can immediately access new storage, production, development, and functionality with a hybrid cloud solution instead of having to wait for pricey product acquisition and deployment timelines. Because of the quick deployment, new features, functions, goods, and services are available before rivals. There are more hybrid platform options available within the latest JDE update, which allows you to increase your scalability reliably.


3. Increased UI Quality

The capacity to customize user experiences and, in many situations, automate processes and tasks are two of JDE EnterpriseOne 9.2’s key benefits. You can customize your workplace with UXOne while still having access to and being able to use powerful JDE features.

Without having to wait for assistance from IT, integrate websites, create forms, embed third-party applications into the platform, and share them with other team members. Reduce your workload by organizing your workstation more effectively using this hyper-charged UI setup in your updated JDE software. This will give your employees the time they need to post blogs and engage with your audience more frequently.

4. Increased Infrastructure Quality

ERP systems installed on-site are expensive. Businesses must buy, operate, cool, and store the servers that house the applications and data. Equipment management and delivery of upgrades to end users dispersed across the company and remotely require personnel. With a hybrid strategy, businesses may swiftly take advantage of the many benefits the cloud offers while progressively reducing their reliance on on-premises costs. The updated JDE software uses hybrid capabilities to its advantage in a ton of creative and exciting ways.


5. Increased Mobile Capabilities

Mobile capabilities have always been a complicated matter for JDE. Users of JDE EnterpriseOne 9.2 may access apps, enter data, engage with colleagues and clients, and produce results more quickly thanks to mobile functionality. You can now input and approve expenses, complete inventory and order queries, perform condition-based maintenance, approve purchases, look for contacts, enter and record work orders and service orders, monitor equipment, and log health and safety incidents thanks to mobile applications. Businesses that put JDE updates off due to mobile concerns can now rest easy.

JDE is Better than Ever

Thanks to frequent and meaty upgrades, the JDE software catalog is more impressive than ever before. This already popular software and systems developer is showing no signs of slowing down its innovative drive in 2023. Business owners who want to stand out, and grow their business in 2023, need to ensure they not only invest in JDE software but that they dedicate themselves to keeping it properly updated. With the help of consultant services, you can ensure you get the absolute full potential out of every JDE software setup that you invest in.

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