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Can I Watch American TV Channels Outside America?

This era is indeed golden in terms of when it comes to American TV. America has become one of the greatest content producers in the world – their audience is growing larger globally. The viewership of American sports and news has also risen worldwide especially in Trump’s regime. When we think of a global audience or anyone who would want to access American TV channels, series shows or movies – the first instinct usually is that it has to be English speaking countries such as UK, Canada, and Australia, etc. But the fact is, it’s mostly non- native English speakers who love watching American content equally or maybe more than the English speaking countries.

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American TV channels and the content produced here is worth all the hype and intrigue it gets across the world. This is the core reason why people from different parts of the world, wait for their favorite shows’ next season whether it takes them one year or a couple of years – they are also very much loyal to American content too. The same is the case with American TV channels, those who have watched them or had exposure through any means are hooked for life.

American movies are also loved all over the world irrespective of socio-economic and language barriers. Now, when we have streaming services like Netflix that produce their own content based on their targeted country – American content is still a household name in Asia as it would be in any part of the US.  Furthermore, American talent whether it’s the leading characters of a popular series or movies is massively popular in the rest of the world hence the love for American content is pretty natural and understandable too.

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Although, all that content is made easily accessible because of the internet within the premises of the USA. It is still nearly impossible to get access to such stuff outside America. But as mentioned earlier, the content is equally or more desired and awaited in the rest of the world, some famous series or films at times break the internet. Why? Because internationally, audiences can access the American content online only and they don’t want spoilers nor do they want to wait any longer when their most awaited series is released internationally simultaneously.

In this article, we have tried to dig deeper into the possibilities to fix this and find out the resolution that will help some of us. By the end, we expect someone looking for ways to get hold of American TV channels, might find a legitimate way.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                So, without further ado, let’s get into the details:

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It is obvious that American citizens, people who traveled or stayed in the US for a certain amount of time and loved the content produced here. Anyone traveling for some time or migrating to another country for whatsoever reason would like to watch American news and sports and everything that comes with Spectrum, for example, when they are traveling to or residing in some other country or when they are subscribers of American streaming services such as Hulu, Netflix, HBO, or Now. They would li

e to have access to all of these or at least any of these – even when they are traveling out of the country.

Moreover, UK residents also want access to American news and sports. There is no denying to the fact that residents outside America cannot enjoy access to the great content that American streaming services provide. These streaming services include HBO, Hulu, and Now. Also, Netflix US has some content that cannot be accessed by non-American Netflix users.

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This is the main problem that American broadcasting and streaming services have limited their services to the premises of America only. They detect your location through your IP and block right away if the user is somewhere outside America. There can be many ways to tackle this situation but the most ideal and common way is to change your location is through a VPN. This is how people outside the US usually access American TV channels and can watch content available for US premises only accessible on online streaming services too.

These streaming services ask users to sign up to or subscribe to their services before watching the videos. For subscription, you might need to have an American credit card and an American address. While some services ask for Cable subscription details before you could access their content.

Final Thoughts: 

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As a matter of fact, some streaming services are playing very smart. They have put some mechanism to detect people who are using a VPN service to access their content. They get blocked right away. However, a few VPNs do surpass this blocking phase as well. But, still, there is no surety that they will always work.

But there are many websites available online for anyone to watch American TV content. For instance, CBS, ABC, and NBC provide live streaming and catch up TV as well – but the setback is these are also only for American residents. Some channels don’t put such restrictions and they can be watched even in the UK, Europe, etc. such as CBC News and ABC news. Moreover, some paid services do offer live TV streaming through some big American channels. However, their availability in different countries is also uncertain. Also, some legal issues are present there as well. We hope you will comply with the legal while finding the most suitable way to access American TV channels and

We have faith this was a meaningful read and you are to some extent more educated and understanding towards the issues and reasoning behind the limitations of American content. Also, if you have some ideas and methods that you have used and would like to suggest to us, do share your feedback in the comments section underneath. We would love to know your favorite American TV channels and content so we can also watch them, taking complete advantage of quarantine and this write-up.

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