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6 Ways A Body Pillow Will Change Your Sleep

A good night’s sleep is much more important than you might think. It’s not only about having a good schedule and sleeping more than 7 hours each night, you also have to sleep soundly in order to benefit from it as much as possible. Unfortunately, most of us haven’t had a good night’s sleep in quite some time. We go to bed late at night, get up even earlier and each day we wake up more tired than we were the night before. Did you ever wonder why that is? How come we feel tired when the alarm bell rings even though we’ve slept for more than 8 hours.

Well, it could be because you’re just not comfortable enough. Now, buying a new mattress can be really expensive and if you don’t have enough money for it – there’s not a lot you can do about it, right? Wrong. You could use a body pillow. You don’t see how that can be helpful? Well, stick around for a few more moments and find out.

Better Alignment

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It’s really easy to wake up sore and tired if you sleep in an awkward position because your mattress is too firm or too soft. Your hips aren’t all that tough and when they’re not properly aligned and supported – you end up in pain. When your hips are in an awkward position, your body tries to align them by moving other parts of your body. that’s the reason why you often end up partially on your stomach, with one knee in front and your spine twisted.

That’s why you wake up feeling sore and a little bit numb. More often than not you’ll end up sleeping on your arm or your neck will end up positioned in a way it shouldn’t be. You twist and you turn all night long, without even realizing it because the body wants to return to its natural position. How can a body pillow help with this?

For starters, by placing it alongside your body and hugging it with your knees, your hips stay in proper alignment and so does the rest of your body. That way, you are able to relax easily and stay in a comfortable position throughout the whole night.

Less Tossing And Turning

Your body should be still when you’re asleep. However, by the look of our sheets in the morning, we can see that’s not the case most of the time. As we’ve mentioned, comfort, or lack thereof, is the main reason behind restless sleep. You’re subconsciously looking for a perfectly comfortable position to sleep in and until you do, you’re in for a lot of tossing and turning.

A neat trick to stay still while in bed is to hold onto something and that’s where the body pillow comes in. If you’re holding on to something, you’re less likely to move – it’s as simple as that.

Now, we know what you may think, you hug your partner before you fall asleep and it still happens. It happens for one reason though. The human body emits heat and the pillow does not. Now, your partner may be cuddly and cute, but your partner is also hot and you need to cool down to fall asleep, not warm up. However, if you really can’t switch your loved one for a regular pillow, a custom body pillow might change your mind so visit here to learn more about it. You could print your loved one’s face on it and get the best of both worlds.

Simulate Hugging

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There aren’t a lot of things in this world as loving and comforting as hugs. They make you feel safe, happy, warm, comfortable, and at peace. A body pillow can recreate that sensation very accurately. Hugging onto it when you lay in bed can make you peaceful and relaxed as you’re getting ready to visit the dreamland. It’s a neat psychological effect that allows you to calm down and fall asleep faster.

That is the main reason behind stuffed animals most of us slept with when we were kids. We were finding comfort in them because we were recreating a hug. Now, you could sleep with a stuffed animal even as a grown-up, no one could tell you otherwise, but a body pillow might be easier to explain in case you have to do so. In case someone asks – the doctor said you had to do it because of your hips. Can’t say the same for the teddy bear.

It Protects Your Knees

Many people sleep sideways. Now, as we’ve mentioned, that could cause some back and hip issues, tossing and turning, and so on. What we didn’t mention is that it can also harm your knees. If you sleep with your knees right on top of each other, you’re risking bruising your bones and damaging the integrity of your knees. A body pillow placed in between your knees will not only help with alignment and restlessness, but it will also keep your knees healthier. Your older self will definitely be thankful if you keep your knees in good shape.

Keeps You Cool

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How many of you struggle sleeping during hot, summer nights? And how many of you end up with sheets and covers between your thighs just so you don’t have to feel the warmth of your own skin. We’re going to guess a lot. Well, with a body pillow, you can actually use cover as a cover and a sheet as a sheet, as you’ll have your cooling medium in form of a body pillow. For an even better experience, buy a silk pillowcase as there’s nothing better than silk to keep you cool on a warm summer night. Your hair will thank you as well.

Customize For An Even Better Experience

All of the things we’ve mentioned so far can be taken to a next level if you customize your body pillow. We’ve already mentioned prints and custom silk cases, but you can also add or remove the stuffing to your liking. Just don’t throw away the extra wool if you end up removing some of it, you might want it later on.

We feel like it’s safe to say you would’ve never expected that something as an extra pillow could benefit you so much. Well, as you can clearly see, it can. all that is left to do is for you to test it out and see for yourself.

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