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Fun Ways to Travel Solo in 2023

If you’re planning a journey and you want to get there on your own, you don’t have to take public transport. If you cannot or don’t want to drive, there are other ways you can get to where you need to be.

Did you know there are some fun ways for you to travel solo? This article explores this idea and will help you add a lot more fun in your journeys. Read on for some exciting ideas:

By Skateboard

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Skateboards have been used by people all over the globe for many years. They are a very fun way for you to get around. Those who have never used a skateboard before might find them challenging at first, but learning to use one is part of the fun.

You can use skateboards on pathways all over the country. However, you cannot use them on the road as yet. When you travel by skateboard, you will need to watch out for bumps or cracks in the pavement, but you’ll get better at this over time.

You might want to consider wearing a helmet when using your skateboard. Falls can be quite nasty, so you should always protect your head. However, using a skateboard is a lot of fun. When you’ve got to your destination, you can simply carry your skateboard in your arms or strap it to your back.

On an Electric Scooter

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Electric scooters are becoming a lot more popular these days. They are more technologically advanced than ever before and they just look good. Electric scooters are ideal if you want to travel somewhere on your own. They can go quite fast and their suspension is usually much better than that of a skateboard.

Electric scooters do need to be charged, but it doesn’t’ take too long for the battery to be full. This website claims eScooters can travel up to 20 miles on a single charge. This means you have the chance to explore more of your local area.

Did you know that electric scooters can be stored easily? For example, you can store them in the corner of a room, under your desk, or even in a large locker. Just make sure that you have enough battery life before you head home. You should also consider wearing a helmet when you travel by electric scooter. Some can travel quite fast so you’ll need to stay protected.

By Bicycle

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Many people love nothing more than to travel by bicycle. You can legally ride a bicycle on the road and many cycle paths. Bicycles are a great way to travel and they can also help you stay in shape. Take a backpack with you or some panniers and store a bike lock in it. This will ensure your bicycle is much safer if you want to leave it somewhere.

There are many different types of bicycles available. From BMX’s to racing bikes and more. You’ll likely find at least one or two bicycles that you like the look of.
When it comes to safety, you’re no doubt aware that accidents do happen. You should, therefore, consider wearing a helmet. Falls from bikes can be quite dangerous. So please make sure you’re careful when you ride.

On a Hoverboard

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Hoverboards are a lot of fun to ride and they can make traveling a lot of fun. While they’re not known for going very fast, hoverboards are relatively new to the market. They can make a real difference in the time spent outside. In addition to this, hoverboards look good and are a very stylish way to travel.

While you might not be able to travel very far on a hoverboard, they can make a short journey even more interesting.

As with all of the above modes of transport, you might want to wear a helmet when you’re using a hoverboard. Keep yourself safe while you have a lot of fun.

As you can see, there are some fun ways for you to travel solo. You don’t have to walk everywhere and you don’t always have to take the bus. With a bit of imagination, you could make those short trips a lot more enjoyable.

The Segway

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When the Segway first appeared, at the beginning of this millennium, it seemed to everyone that it was a complete revolution. To some extent, it was, but it probably still did not meet all the expectations of the creators of this vehicle. It is becoming very popular, you can see it everywhere, but it has not become an everyday means of transportation. It is mostly used for city tours, and people also use it for various other things, such as mailmen they use to deliver mail.

You can also use it for travel. It does not develop high speed, about 20 kilometers per hour, but you will be very comfortable to travel using a Segway.


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First, let’s tell you that you have to be extremely physically fit to travel that way. If so, then this is a perfect choice. They are very portable and will constantly keep you fit. You must wear all protective equipment, especially a helmet and knee and elbow protection. Also, you will need a backpack, in which you will bring shoes when you take off your rollerblades, and you want to enter a store or restaurant.

Kick Scooters

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We have already mentioned modern and advanced electric scooters, but let’s also remember the old school vehicle, which is a kick scooter. We all had it when we were kids and drove it all day. It can develop a speed of almost 15 kilometers per hour, so it is not slow at all. It is also very easy to climb and get off it, easier than from a bike. They are not expensive either and are very light so that they can be folded and carried in a backpack. Of course, do not forget the protective equipment. And like we said about roller blades, you have to be physically fit because they are self-powered, unlike your older brother’s electric scooter.

If the above options are not what you were searching for, you can always get back to the traditional ones. You can check the sites such as Transport-Executive and find out more.

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