Can Your Website Design Can Affect Your Marketing? – 2024 Tips

Many companies, especially small businesses, don’t fully understand the importance of their website design or how it affects the success of their marketing. They tend to underestimate the value that a well-designed website has on the impact of their company.

Companies should view their website as a storefront or the very least an extension to it. You wouldn’t lease a rundown building in the wrong location. So why would you settle for a bad design on poor hosting?

Well Designed Websites

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A well-designed site creates trust among its viewers. Still, it will load faster, have better navigation flow, clearly displayed contact information, and take into consideration the overall user experience of your potential customers.

According to Adobe, more than a third of your visitors will stop engaging if the content and layout look unattractive. Can your business afford to lose out on that potential income?

Your Webhosting Matters

When first starting, many small businesses often pick companies that have big brand names or are the cheapest for their hosting account. The issue with this is it doesn’t take in quality and responsiveness of the hosting account.

You are not going to get quality web hosting with cheap accounts. Those accounts are not designed to handle large files that take up bandwidth or e-commerce sites that use lots of images or and JavaScript files. You will overload the hosting and either cause it to crash or run super slow.

If you are genuinely interested in having a good site that loads fast, I would suggest doing a web search using terms like “fastest hosting.” “fastest load time hosting.” I would look at reviews and see what people say about their hosting. Try to find a company that is responsive to questions or issues you might have when building your website. You get the point, try to find the most reputable hosting with the best load time that you can afford.

SSL Certificate (Secure Socket Layers)

With a reputable hosting account, they should be able to provide you with a free secure socket layer certificate. The SSL is what changes your URL from HTTP to HTTPS. The purpose of the SSL is to add more protection to your site. To install this, you will need to make sure all links and files that are being called through HTTP are changed to HTTPS, or if you are using a dynamic such as WordPress, you can install a plugin to do this work for you.

Does My Website Need SSL

Why do you need SSL? Well, if you have a basic Html site, to be honest, you don’t need it, but if your hosting is offering it for free, then why not take advantage of it. The purpose of SSL is for security, as mentioned above, it encrypts sensitive data as travels to and from computers.

The major search engines such as Google and Bing now point out that your site has a secure socket installed. So just for the trust factor alone, I would recommend installing it. This way, your visitors will feel safer when using your site.

Budgetary Concerns

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Yes, fiscal concerns should always factor into any business decisions made. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t get quality work. You will have to spend some time finding a web designer that understands the value of your website and the role in plays in your online and offline marketing efforts.

It’s probably best to find a web company that knows how to create responsive designs that look well and load fast for both desktop and mobile. If the designer has SEO knowledge, that would be best, so you don’t have to pay to have your site updated and optimized for that later. Lucky for you I know of such a company called Local Dudes Marketing. They have tons of experience in helping small businesses with web design and online marketing.

Website Design and Marketing Success

Wrap your head around these numbers. Did you know that over 50% of people online will not recommend your business to others if it’s poorly designed? By having a less desirable site, you are leaving money on the table. So, I hope you are now starting to understand the value of your website?

Now that we have discussed the value of a well-designed website. Let’s go over the role it can play in your marketing success. As mentioned earlier, a professionally designed website creates trust. With this gained trust, potential clients are more likely to buy your products or inquire for more information about your company.

Online Marketing Channels

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If you plan to partake in some of the most prominent digital marketing channels, your website will be the landing spot for the traffic driven from these methods. With a lackluster website, you are going to be flushing money down the toilet. Your conversion rate from traffic generated will be significantly reduced.

One marketing channel that is directly affected by design is search engine optimization. This type of marketing is very technical and won’t get into all the details here. I will state that your website’s content, load speed, navigation, and security are significant ranking factors. So why not find a company that specializes in website design and understands onsite SEO marketing.

Email and Pay-Per-Click

Also, email and pay-per-click marketing can be hampered by poor design. Generally, when running these types of campaigns landing pages are built to increase conversions. If you are going to create the landing pages directly on your site, reliable hosting, load speed, layout, and accessible contact information are vital parts to the success of your campaigns. Think about it would you stick around for a slow loading site or hunt for contact information. Then why would you make potential customers do the same?

Well, I hope you have gained an understanding of how important the design, layout, navigation, hosting, and content plays a role in your marketing and business success. Whether you build the website yourself or hire a professional, make sure to include what you have learned from this article into the design

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