What do you need for Camping?

Getting in touch with nature can bring so much peace, relaxation and just a feeling of freedom. And what’s a better way to get in touch with nature than camping? No matter if you are camping with your friends, family or alone, this is your time to just sit back, relax and enjoy the calmness.

If you are a beginner in exploring nature, and even if you’ve already done that so many times, there are some essentials that you have to bring with you. Canopy tents are an important part of those essentials. Find more info here if you do not know how to set up a canopy tent.  These tools will ensure that you are safe and that you will be able to enjoy your time without worrying, no matter the weather or the conditions.

We compiled a list of things that you need when you go camping and these are the tools and the gear that you should always have with you, no matter if you are going away just for the weekend or if you plan to spend a week in the woods.


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If you are backpacking during your trip, you should know that every ounce counts. Depending on where you are going and the season, you may need different things.

Always have with you a warm jacket so it can keep you protected from the snow or the wind. You should always choose lightweight fabrics that are also moisture-wicking, so you don’t have to use new clothes all the time.

Some of the essentials you need to bring include:

  • Lightweight hat – to protect your head and face from the sun
  • Packable breathable and waterproof jacket – so you can be warm and dry at all times
  • Wool socks
  • Trail Runners and Hiking boots – pick ones that are not slippery and water-resistant
  • Sunglasses – it’s always sunny in the mountains and polarized shades are great for blocking the sun
  • Long-sleeved shirts and long pants – even if the forecast says it’s going to be warm during the day, chances are, the nights are going to be cool


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In the woods there aren’t places where you can sit down and order food, so chances are you will have to prepare your own meals. These are the things you will need to be able to cook your food, store it and know that you won’t get any food poisoning.

  • Camping stove with fuel – you need something that is appropriate for car camping or backpacking. Make sure you have enough fuel
  • Cookware
  • Utensils – for both eating and cooking. Choose something that can be reused if you have a place to wash the utensils or disposable ones for one use
  • Water bottle – choose something lightweight and reusable. You will be carrying this bottle with you all the time, so pick a durable one as well
  • Water filtration – chances are, you won’t have fresh and clean water all the time and you will have to source it from ponds and lakes. Because of that, you will need to filter the water
  • Portable fridge – to keep your food fresh. You will need a fridge, especially if you are carrying meat or dairy products with you. Check these fridges to see the sizes available
  • Food – prepacked snacks and freeze-dried camping meals that you can cook on the trail
  • Lightweight towel and soap
  • Cutting board

Personal Items

When you go camping remember that you cannot bring every piece of makeup with you. You will need only the essentials that will make your experience better and safer.

Some of the personal items you need to bring with you include:

  • Toilet paper – this is a must. Pack more than you think you might need
  • Sunscreen – no matter the season and the weather, you need sunscreen
  • Lip balm with SPF
  • Bug spray and itch relief
  • Hand sanitizer
  • First aid kit
  • Toiletry kit – toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, soap and so on
  • Prescription medications you need to take
  • Painkillers and active carbon

Navigational Tools

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No matter if you are visiting this place or woods for the first time, or if you’ve camped here before, you need navigation tools. If you are planning to hike during your trip you need to get the right tools and it would be smart if each of the people has their own navigation gear just in case you get separated and lost.

  • Portable GPS – it would be good if everyone is carrying one
  • Compass and map – It’s a good back-up for the GPS
  • Chargers – you need chargers if you are going to be near any charging stations during your trip. You need to make sure all your devices are charged before you leave. Have one older phone with you that has a battery that can hold up to a week
  • Pen or pencil
  • Two-way radios – If you’ll be in a larger group. If you are going alone, you may not need this
  • Flashlights and headlamps – always pack extra batteries
  • Travel lantern

Camp Necessities

These are the things that will make your trip a whole lot more comfortable. You can survive even without some of these things, but it is better to have them with you, so you are protected from the weather, animals and to be comfortable.

  • Tent – make sure that you have all the necessary poles and stakes
  • Mallet – this is used for securing the stakes in the ground if you’re car camping
  • Sunshade or tarp
  • Sleeping bags – make sure you pack at least one extra, just in case one of the sleeping bags gets damaged
  • Sleeping pads or a light air mattress
  • Travel pillows
  • Folding chairs and a table – you need these if you are car camping. If you are backpacking, they will be just extra weight
  • Pocket knife – at least once. You can even get a Swiss knife with more functions

These are basically all the things you need. You can get something for entertainment as well, like binoculars, a camera, board games, cards and so on.

Remember that you are doing this to enjoy yourself and to have a good time. If you are new in this, it is better to start camping with people who have more experience. If you don’t feel safe or if you feel uncomfortable during your trip, remember that you can always cut the trip short and go back home.

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