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What is API Integration and How it Can Help your business?

The modern businesses focus on IT heavily no matter which field they are in – and they use various tools to help them improve. Have you ever heard of API? Technological demands which businesses today face, are all capable of instantly solving problems with the API integration process. API or better said application program interfaces represent a necessary tool for every industry or business around.

From the technical point of view, application program interfaces – API, allow one computer program to be fully used by another benefiting the whole process of business in general. Simply said, application program interfaces API is a unique piece of program code which enables two different databases, applications, or programs to communicate between them while shearing, and dealing with various operations.

Such an innovation in the business world has shaken the ground we walk on and is enabling companies and industries, to grow their businesses more quickly than ever before rapidly. The companies which have recognized this as an opportunity they have to take instantly are investing over $600 billion to integrating disparate systems on an annual basis to boost their revenue.

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The noticeable and most significant impact API has demonstrated today is with rising rapid use of cloud-based tools and apps that numerous businesses depend on a daily bases. Taking into consideration that the average employee uses over 40 cloud-based services to boost its efficiency and results.

It is sooner rather than later that the employees start encountering problems when toggling between these applications and managing them as if they were requested to handle another job simultaneously. Obviously, this is a time-consuming task and a reason for APIs platforms like Open Legacy, which allows you to create the APIs easily you require in minutes from any database you had problems before. The APIs, numerous benefits of multiple cloud-based apps, are recognized with employees who, while streamlining their management, bring the results in the minimum required time.

Developing new Products

Offering the potential of creating new product API integrations have a crucial role to play in digital marketing. The possibility of developing new functionality between apps leads to services and products that were not-existent until this point, right?

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Remember the well-known examples of strategic integrations that successfully combined service-request interfaces and map apps, resulting in the creation of on-demand services (Uber). Companies expect similar results when repeating the copy-paste procedure to develop new products and services which have gone past the eye of others many times.

Automating Tasks

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APIs integrations automate manual efforts that are overlooked by the majority of people. Clicking between different applications is not considered to take up much time, but they pile up quick.  Such a solution that is simple to implement and use is firstly recognizable in customer service cloud-based business phone systems with the existing applications like Curve Dental, Redtail, and many others.

Future of the Business

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Never-minding the size of your current business, you require the evolution from the past to the digitally connected cloud-based functioning today. The strategies once considered as the only way to attack the market rely on significant paperwork, large sales forces are time-consuming and not going to transform your business.

Note that the influence of APIs is suitable to any business, at the start or growing, no matter of the professional activity.  Tech-based companies are just the first business field that implemented the APIs integration, but product strategy online is in second place with its use. There are no limits on the practical application of APIs integrations in the future business of companies.

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