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What is lifter CBD?

Lifter CDB is one of the latest products in the ever-growing cannabis market. Its flower carries a widely recognized unique aroma, which pleases the customers and quickly makes it one of the most in-demand products. Lifter CDB product originates from Oregon, where they take much pride in developing lifter CDB, which you can see if you click here. The strains of this plant have somewhere between 12 to 25% Cannabidiol, which is a satisfying number. These are significant numbers that pair perfectly with its delta-nine tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) levels that lie below 0.03.

Physical appearance

The flowers of Lifter CBD have their leaves stretched vertically, and kind of remind us of straws. Its buds are rich in trichrome and are, in most cases, condensed and frigid. For the most part, the leaves are characteristically green with small traces of orange and purple on tan hairs and tinges. If you pay attention to nuggets, they have crystals all over their surface. The issue with these buds, as with most other, is that they’re not breadth on the inside, but on the massive farms outdoors. In today’s era of high demand and need for fast production, this is the only way to do it in order to remain competitive and under the budget. Samples that grow on the outside have a green shade, which is quite light. If you want a product of the highest quality, look for the ones that were growing on the inside.

Origin, Aroma, Taste, Effects

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As we mentioned in the introduction, this CBD lifter originates from Oregon. It was breadth from a mixture of the Suver haze and Early Resin, which gave excellent results in terms of richness of CBD strain. Because of this, it is perfect for direct consumption, but also to be ingrained into other CBD products.

The buds of this plant are a bit sour, with strong earthly aroma and a slight touch of floral smells. The smell that it releases is close to various types of woods, which is something that most users find appealing.

Taste is somewhat similar to the smell, as it will leave you with a sense of earth in your mouth after consumption. The terpene profile is rich with this CBD lifter, which you would probably associate with pines, and some fruit trees. What gives it a unique taste is a minor presence of lemonesque flavor.

The effects of this pant are amazing, which is something that most users are looking for in products of this type. CBD lifter is rich in Cannabidiol strains, which is why it’s in high demand. Furthermore, it contains up to 24% CBD and 16% CBDA. In addition to these two, it also has high traces of THCA and CBG.


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CBD lifter is entirely legal in all states that have legalized cannabis sales, but only to people older than eighteen. People who are in the business of growing these plants have licenses recognized by states where they operate. They run their business under the Farm Bill, which is in power since 2014. The name of the act is Agricultural Act 2014 Industrial hemp provision, which allowed the growth and selling of CBD lifters and other similar products. All hemp products need to be tested in a laboratory, sold under a certificate that guarantees that it has below 0.3% dry mass. Federal law and the Control Substance Act do not regulate or interfere with this branch of cannabis-based products growth. The one thing you should know is that the CBD lifter is not approved by the FDA. Because of this, it’s not recommended as s medical treatment, prevention, or a cure for any disease. Thanks to its below 0.03% THC level, this product is legal and can be bought in all fifty states of America.


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While CBD lifters are a quality product, you are not advised to consume them. If you opt for consumption, not that it’s your own decision, and that all harm that could happen lies on your shoulders. Our health can be damaged by consuming smoke, regardless of its form. Because of this, we must state that we’re bot here to advocate for CBD lifter or any other form of cannabis. What we have in this article is informative and educative writing about a subject. With all, we said above, and the lack of FDA approval, you should not under any circumstance consume this plant for medical purposes.

What About Drug Tests?

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When you undergo a drug test, in most cases, it would be looking for the presence of Delta 9 THC. What this means is that most standardized tests ignore CBD and similar substances, as they are legal, and rater natural—because of this, consuming CBD lifters shouldn’t put you at risk of failing a drug test. But, you should know that there’s a chance of this happening.

The level of THC strains is low in this plant, and it shouldn’t even make you feel too high, and because of this, it’s believed that it won’t show on a drug test. But, it could do precisely that and put you in trouble after a drug test. It all comes down to the amount you consumed, the frequency of consumption, and when did you last used it before the test. All of this combined will determine your final score on a drug test and whether you’ll fail or be cleared. Because of this, you should know that even the small traces of THC in the CBD lifter can harm your drug test. If you have an incoming drug test, you are aware that using something as refined cannabis oil isolated from THC should be your get-go.


As we said, CBD lifter is an amazing product from the cannabis family, that would be even better if the possibility of indoor growth were made possible. But, regardless of this, if you are looking for something new, exotic, with a wealthy terpene profile, you found your perfect match. In the end, one thing shouldn’t be forgotten – it’s essential to consume it responsibly without misuse.


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