Xossip – What Is New Address

Xossip is Finaly Back – But What Is The New Address?

Known as one of the best adult boards in India, Xossip is finally back. For some reason, it has been shut down for a while now, but now it’s finally here again. So, here’s a little bit more about where it can be found now and why it was shut down in the first place.

Xossip forum board had more than 100K members and it offered its users various videos, live threads, Hindi and regional stories, as well as exclusive pics of couples, news, sports, etc. Its community was quite active and there was always something engaging there. Every user had their own account where they could log in to follow what they take interest in. There was also the option of surfing anonymously for those who wanted. As we already mentioned, there were all kinds of boards, such as xossip/dil ka rishta and xossip zindagi ek sangharsh.

Xossip – What Is New Address
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When it comes to why Xossip was banned in the first place, here’s the answer. Namely, the main reason was that the Indian government wanted to ban all sites that shared similar content – adult content where people posted their ideas and stories. In fact, Xossip was banned more than once.

Nonetheless, the active members objected to such a decision, so they eventually had to lift the ban, so that’s how Xossip got back. Shortly afterward, it was banned again, though the government was not responsible for that. This time, it was the administrator of Xossip himself who shut the forum down due to the lack of housing funds. At the time, it was only funded by the admin and some donors.

The original URL of the forum was https://www.xossip.com. In addition to this, there were some alternatives, too, including Xforum.live (one of the best, fast and optimized), Xossipy.com, Xossip-regional.com, Masaladesi, and Desibees.com.

Stay tuned for more news about Xossip and where to find it.

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